Living Encounters

Living Encounters is an educational outreach designed to enhance the social, intellectual and emotional growth of qualified students.

Target group 5th-8th grade

Building self-confidence, improving social skills, learning to make better choices are goals of this program for our students.



Employment Skills

The Employment Skills program provides a controlled environment to develop simple employment skills, build self-confidence and improve social skills.

Target group 9th-12th grade

Being on time, filling out an application, following instructions, completing tasks, documenting work, organizational skills, budgeting, developing savings habits, balancing a checkbook, developing personal references are skills that our students learn in this program. Each student is given a weekly monetary stipend to be able to budget and save.

A first employment experience can turn out to be a less than positive outcome for even the average teenager. Adding an "at risk" background can complicate the situation resulting in failure. Being successful in a controlled environment can build self-confidence and improve social skills.



Wednesday Connection

The Wednesday After School Mentoring/Tutoring program provides an alternative classroom experience for learning. Students are enrolled for a 2 hour session to work on homework, develop social skills, increase focus and build self-esteem.

Studies are often combined with care and feeding of the horses and learning overall horsemanship.

Target group 4th-12th grade

Fee - $1 per session



Saturday Connection Program

The  Saturday Connection program is offered by Equestrian Outreach Center at no cost to students that have a desire to work with horses.

The focus of the program is to create an environment that enables quality decision making, ownership of actions and a healthy emotional status through the use of horses.

We currently meet on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30pm. Beginning in mid November our availability depends on the weather.  Please call ahead to insure that we are open each Saturday.

You must call to make a reservation.  Sessions will be approximately 1 hour in length.

A signed parental (guardian) permission form is required.                                   

Enrollment is limited.  Please call to reserve a time to come.

Please contact Leslie Gove @ (517) 812-6664 if you have questions and to reserve your spot.

The Connection also provides an opportunity to anyone who just has the need to come out and hug a horse, regardless of age. It is difficult to put a limit on who horses can help and in what capacity. This program is effective due to the caring companionship of a horse and a volunteer.

Hearts that need to be healed usually cannot do it alone



Science Education Field Trips

Check it out!

New addition! An economic answer to much needed alternative hands-on learning experiences. A unique opportunity for classrooms, home school groups, scouts, day cares, church groups.

Choose from a variety of options: Nature Trail, Equine Study, "Back in Time", Outdoor Survival, Outdoor Observation Skills, Horsemanship Basics, Animal First Aid, Hayride

This Adventure Education program has a minimal fee. Please call for more details. 517-812-6664 or