Chili Supper/Silent Auction

Great success! Wonderful attendance and lots of fun, food and fellowship!

Thanks for your help!






DaVinci School Field Trip

Students from the DaVinci School experienced a variety of new activities today. They accomplished the "Pony in the box" challenge quicker than any other group ever has in all the years we have been doing that activity. Their success we attribute to their willingness to discuss a plan together, work as a group, and focus on their goal. In addition they learned about the digestive system of the horse, learned about proper grooming, practiced balanced riding, roasted hotdogs and went on a hayride. What a great day!





Northwest doing an Employment Skills segment

Northwest students began a new spring segment yesterday. They will be coming for 6 weeks learning about being a good employee. We had an awesome day. They are dynamite kids with cool attitudes.  They thought about their own strengths and weaknesses, how to work with others, how to please the boss. Here are a few of the tasks they completed....................

                                                                            Cleaning/filling water tanks                         Filling feed buckets

      Cleaning Katydid's pen

         and putting away arena toys



Of course we spent a little time just enjoying the horses!



Western Jewelry

Another new opportunity is available through Outlaws Paradise

specializing in custom horse hair Western jewelry.

They have developed a necklace specifically for the Equestrian Outreach Center

as a fundraiser. The Outreach Center receives 70% of the profit of each of these

necklaces sold. To see this necklace please call Leslie 517-812-6664 with your address

 or email your address  and we will mail

you a discount coupon and picture of this necklace.

You may visit them online to see their great selection of items.

Any jewelry is available with your own horse's hair or colors they have available.




For more information please call 517-812-6664

or email